Current Market Conditions

What good is a 'Heat Map' if it doesn't really tell you anything? The days of relying on irrelevant information are over. Knowing if your levels are at least historically significant is a 'Start'. How good is your HEAT MAP? The Current Scoreboard is for a Proprietary list of Stocks meeting certain criteria. The Scoreboard for the S&P 500 (Beta) will be available soon.

The Stats below are CURRENT MARKET CONDITIONS on a Proprietary List of Stocks

Market Conditions as of Last Update - Coming Soon!

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Historical Results - Calendar UNDER CONSTRUCTION Results available upon request - We are currently building an application to acccess the data.

Real-Time Signals

View the Intra-Day Momentum Method in Real-Time, using a Proprietary web-based application that signals when stocks have crossed the levels.

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Automated Stat Recording

Custom Programming Empowers the Researcher / Trader to design / develop intra-day approaches on their own.

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